Greensleeves designs and markets clean technology software. Its intelligent thermal energy management technology reduces the capital and operating cost of ground-source HVAC systems. This technology optimizes the use of multiple thermal energy harvesting, storage and distribution systems (Patents pending).

Greensleeves offers advanced geothermal borefield design, pumping and thermal energy management for commercial buildings. It incorporates a unique blend of engineering, controls and self-adapting software for ground-source heat pump HVAC systems. Greensleeves’ software is connected to energy modeling programs in use by 100s of thousands of engineers around the world and provides optimized ground-source heat exchanger design, then automatically generates custom control software for download, and finally, it continuously optimizes the control sequences based on actual building loads and heat exchanger performance. 


Beta Testing Complete - ENtellect is Now Available!

Greensleeves LLC has introduced its new, state of the art cloud-based ground-source heat pump HVAC design software, ENtellect.  In this YouTube video, the ENtellect software concept is introduced, several building examples are cited and the automatic interface with Trane TRACE 700 is explained. Click here to try a demo, or click here to sign up and purchase ENtellect! 





The University of Findlay - Davis Street Addition
The Greensleeves system was selected for the Davis Street Addition because of its anticipated 50% energy cost reduction. Actual results indicate a savings of 56%, compared to a conventional HVAC system with a gas boiler (built to ASHRAE 90.1.2007 standards), equivalent to approximately $83,000 savings per year, and estimated maintenance savings of $7,500 per year. More...



Check out a demonstration of our intelligent design software:  

Greensleeves LLC is excited to announce our new strategic relationship with Multistack. The new MultiGEO™ Powered by Greensleeves control option can now be ordered and embedded at the factory. MultiGEO™ offers:

  • A more Intelligent Solution. Intelligent design and operation offers significantly lower first costs due to borefield size reduction and better energy performance.
  • A sophisticated and intelligent borefield design tool. This tool can be used to optimize borefield size on new projects or retrofitted for existing and problematic fields.

Contact your Multistack rep to see how MultiGEO™ Powered by Greensleeves could optimize your geothermal system today.