Greensleeves, LLC was established in 2007, with the goal of bringing high-performance energy solutions to

the built environment. Greensleeves’ products were created based on the fact that proper ground source heat

pump design is just the first step in creating a comfortable, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly energy

solution. The reality is that actual building operating conditions will almost always differ from the energy model

utilized to design and install any building’s energy solution.


Greensleeves’ patented products can pro-actively create a realistic and cost efficient predictive energy model for

actual building operating conditions in the design phase so owners can install the proper equipment at the time

of construction. Greensleeves proprietary products can also be used to diagnose and remedy existing energy

solutions where the initial design produces an inadequate and inefficient building energy solution.


Specifically, whether Greensleeves’ proprietary products are used as the basis of design to create a realistic and

cost efficient building energy solution that is more predictive of reality, or to help diagnose and remedy an

existing building energy solution, Greensleeves intellectual property learns how a building actually operates, and

programs the building’s energy solution to properly operate based on real usage and conditions.


Greensleeves technology can also help make recommendations on the most cost effective way to make

an existing design more efficient and effective based on actual and real-time data from the building and

environment, and can optimize a system’s efficiency by controlling the HVAC equipment and borefield in a

predictive, “self-adapting” manner that gets “smarter by the week.”


Buildings that are designed and controlled with Greensleeves geothermal products will generally save the owner

between 30% and 50% in energy costs compared to any conventional HVAC options. Building owners will also

enjoy significantly lower initial installation costs when they use the Greensleeves’ solutions compared to almost

any traditional commercial geothermal systems.


Whether Greensleeves products are used pro-actively as the basis of design, or retroactively to force an existing

design to operate efficiently in the built environment, Greensleeves software solutions, equipment, and controls,

ensure that every ground source heat exchange and/or hybrid energy solution, is properly designed from the

inception, and/or optimized retroactively based on real time conditions.


“It is our mission to significantly improve the sustainability of buildings through affordable clean energy

solutions,” said Scott Smith, Greensleeves’ President & COO. “We achieve this by diligently selecting the right

technologies and minimizing the implementation costs. Once implemented, our solutions generate a significant

reduction in building operating costs.”

"It is our mission to significantly improve the sustainability of buildings through affordable clean energy solutions."

- Scott Smith, President & COO

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