MultiGEO - Controls

This package contains all  of the functions of the Monitoring package and provides information to the Building Automation System to allow the system to operate  at its optimal efficiency and can be configured to optimize either a full size or hybrid GHX system.


MultiGEO sends control signals to key parts of the GHX system, including: heat pumps, control valves, and cooling tower components.


Utilizes real time and predictive  performance information, load demands, weather forecasts, and Borefield Thermal Conductivity.

Allows for additional cooling tower optimization.

This technology actually gets “smarter by the day” as it learns and adapts to the buildings’ usage and then automatically adjusts the entire system to further lower the energy consumption.


The result is a comprehensive system optimization that maximizes efficiency and reduces operating costs.

GHX capacity failure prediction - Greensleeves' Controls recognize any potential future failure of the thermal battery and proposes a solution, if requested.

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