Predictive. Optimized. Artificial Intelligence.


GEOconnect Full controls sends control signals to key parts of the GHX system, including: circulation pumps, control valves, boilers, cooling towers, or other available thermal assets.


GEOconnect Full controls utilizes real time and predictive performance information, load demands, weather forecasts, and Borefield Thermal Conductivity to maximize efficient operation of the system.


GEOconnect Full controls learn (artificial intelligence) actual building use over time, adapt to these patterns and optimize the interplay between the ground heat exchanger and the hybrid components resulting in lower energy consumption.



During system operation GEOconnect Full controls compare design loads to the actual building load profile in real time and decide when and how much to run hybrid components in order to achieve desired temperature set points in the future to prevent bore field temperature creep or failure of the thermal battery.


Real world conditions constantly change and therefore the predictive process is repeated weekly and the equipment operation schedule is adjusted to maintain temperature targets.



GEOconnect Full controls has all the functionality of the RTC package and provides information to the Building Automation System to allow the system to operate at its peak efficiency.


This package can be configured to optimize many configurations including multiple source heat exchangers or hybrid geothermal systems.


Geothermal Projects

What geothermal energy offers


Greensleeves' products are applicable to both unitary and central plant geothermal projects from small to large.

Use free geothermal heat not only to heat your building, but also to cool it. Operating costs are minimal, the energy generated is environmentally friendly and - in some areas - eligible for government grants

Spanning properties ranging from schools and college campuses to hospitals and office building to municipal buildings and military bases - Greensleeves will heat and cool whatever you require.

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