Greensleeves newest product release (September 2016), GEOconnect, was developed to bring the power of MultiGEO to sites where security protocols prohibit remote access via a VPN.


GEOconnect is a “stand alone” installation that can be accessed remotely by Greensleeves only when necessary. This completely self-contained system provides added security  for building owners.


Specifically, this proprietary and stand- alone system provides the entire range of the MultiGEO packages  without any of the building energy solutions and/or data going through the “Cloud” or otherwise being susceptible to other Internet risks.

Features and Benefits

Automatic parameter design optimization

Push button access to green energy design

Continuous load and performance analysis and reporting

Reduces operational costs

Compatible with centeralized and unitary heat pumps

Retrofits to existing buildings

Effective borefield performance measurements

Self-adapting based on building loads

Reduces building CO2 emissions

Remote commissioning

Reduces installation costs

Automatic  control programming

Standard GEOconnect Products

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