MultiGEO - Monitoring

This package records live and historical data collected from monitored devices for purposes of analysis and remedy.


This is the first step toward determining if an existing system is failing or will fail.

MultiGEO Monitoring provides building and borefield owners with live monitoring and analyzes trends that identify specific problems with any existing system.

Every building owner and design engineer can simply plug this 8” X 12” industrial computer into an existing energy source and it will automatically identify the issues over time.  This product eliminates the guess work and needless costs associated with addressing potential problems with existing geothermal and hybrid energy systems.

The dashboard user interface shows the user the current trends, live data, and predicted future performance.  This package also includes a custom report, generated by Greensleeves’ applications engineers, from the data collected on the device.


This product is extremely helpful for many applications. For example, the traditional approach to dealing with an over-heated borefield has been to simply add a cooling tower.  This approach merely addresses the symptoms that inevitably return.  This Greensleeves product identifies the root cause of the problem and provides a very specific, cost effective, and lasting solution.

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