ENtellect is a free patented design tool for geothermal and hybrid geothermal/fossil fuel systems.  It simplifies geothermal design, saving hundreds of design hours along with tons of energy and money. Simply follow the easy to understand instructions and drop boxes and answer each question. If you have any challenges answering a question or would like assistance from our experts, please feel free to call.  Our detailed results show you how to best design your geothermal or hybrid geothermal/fossil fuel system.

Greensleeves' Geothermal Solutions Tool shows your potential savings when you use Greensleeves’ software to design and/or install a geothermal and/or hybrid geothermal/fossil fuel heating and cooling system.  Simply select your building type, the closest geographical location, enter your energy and construction costs if different than the national average defaults, and click on the Start button. The results show how much money you may save using Greensleeves’ Solutions compared to conventional HVAC geothermal systems.

Greensleeves' Geothermal Solution Tool

GS Connect Monitoring was developed for instances when a building owner or engineer would like to keep track of what is going on inside of a building. The use of this Monitoring package is important for both new as well as existing buildings.

RTC uses reactive building controls to help monitor and return buildings within the supplied design conditions.  Reactive controls involves RTC having known temperature set points throughout the year.  When RTC determines that these set points will not be reached, it calls for auxiliary equipment to run.

GS Controls uses predictive building controls to help maximize the performance of full-sized and hybrid geothermal system.  Predictive controls are a control method that continuously updates and changes depending on the historic and current loads the building is seeing.  While reactive controls strive to reach specific set points based on the design loads, predictive controls will re-write those set points based on if loads are above or below the original design loads.  This allows for minimized equipment runtime with maximized energy savings.

GS Connect Rescue provides options for both critical and non-critical situation when an existing borefield is experiencing temperature drift.


In a non-critical situation ,Greensleeves will Monitor the system for 12 month to determine the cause of the problem and then propose the best solution.


With a critical borefield, Greensleeves will provide the best solution, based on the information available, within 30 days.

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