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ENtellect Lite

This is an abbreviated demonstration of ENtellect.   ENtellect Lite clearly demonstrates that every building owner and design engineer can benefit by using ENtellect and Greensleeves’ standard products. Specifically, every customer can easily answer a few simple questions about their building type and geographical region and see an example of the design and energy savings that Greensleeves’ products can provide specifically to them.

MultiGEO Designer powered by ENtellect

This is a sophisticated geothermal design tool that allows any commercial building owner or design engineer to save thousands of dollars in the design of any proposed geothermal and / or hybrid application, see the initial cost savings, and clearly see the 30-50% savings that Greensleeves’ design and products can provide in annual energy costs for the life time of the building.

Feasibility Studies


Greensleeves also provides feasibility studies.   If any customer prefers to have Greensleeves provide a feasibility study, please contact our Sales Team for a direct quote. Additionally, we are happy to assist your design professional to optimize your geothermal and/or hybrid energy solution.



Standard MultiGEO and GEOconnect Products

Monitoring only (for existing buildings with geothermal and/or hybrid systems)


This base package provides live and historical data collected from monitored devices and records and stores this data onboard.


This is the first step toward finding out if an existing system is failing or will fail.


  • Provides building and borefield owners with live monitoring and analyzes trends that identify specific problems with any existing system. The interface on the Monitoring system looks like the mock-up attached and can be configured to monitor and record data.
  • Every building owner and design engineer can simply plug this compact industrial computer into an existing energy source and it will automatically identify the issues over time.  This product eliminates the guess work and needless costs associated with addressing potential problems with existing geothermal and hybrid energy systems.
  • The dashboard user interface shows the user the current trends, live data, and predicted future performance.  This package also includes a custom report, generated by Greensleeves’ applications engineers, from the data collected on the device, up to two times during the life of the rental.
  • This product is extremely helpful for many applications. For example, the traditional approach to dealing with an over-heated borefield has been to simply add a cooling tower.  This approach merely addresses the symptoms that inevitably return.  This Greensleeves product identifies the root cause of the problem and provides a very specific, cost effective, and lasting solution.


Once you have determined if the system is failing or will fail, customers may choose to supplement this monitoring package with "Full Controls."

Full Controls for new or existing buildings with geothermal and/or hybrid systems


This package contains all  of the functions of the Monitoring package and provides information to the Building Automation System to allow the system to operate  at its optimal efficiency (it does not directly control the equipment) and can be configured to optimize either a full size or hybrid GHX system.


MultiGEO/GEOconnect sends control signals to key parts of the GHX system, including: heat pumps, control valves, and cooling tower components.


  • Utilizes real time and predictive performance, load, and weather predictions, and borefield thermal conductivity.
  • This technology actually gets “smarter by the day” as it learns and adapts to the buildings’ usage and then automatically adjusts the entire system to further lower the energy consumption by adapting to historical usage and actual weather conditions.
  • Allows for additional cooling tower optimization.


The result is a comprehensive systems optimization that maximizes efficiency and reduces operating costs.


Borefield Temperature Drift Solution

Rescue solutions for over-heating or over-cooling situation


Unfortunately, unless the Greensleeves' Monitoring package has been used, borefield issues are not  diagnosed until the system is actually in jeopardy.


Greensleeves' Borefield Temperature Drift Solution offers a proven immediate and long term remedy for this situation.


  • Provides a reliable and cost effective solution to temperature drift.
  • Once in place, the system will monitor and direct the system to ensure efficiency and dependability  in the future.
  • Eliminates the unreliability and excessive costs associated with the current "quick fix" of an oversized cooling tower.
  • Realizes reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions for the lifespan of the building.


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