Proactive. Hybrid. Control.

Design Based

GEOconnect RTC products bring value to commercial hybrid geothermal projects that combine a ground heat exchanger with mechanical cooling and/or heating.


GEOconnect RTC analyzes historical system operation data and schedules the operation of hybrid components in order stay within design parameters.





Unlike traditional hybrid controls, GEOconnect RTC does not wait for a temperature signal to operate hybrid components, but rather operate the system proactively on a weekly basis to maintain design parameters.

Geothermal Projects

What geothermal energy offers


Greensleeves' products are applicable to both unitary and central plant geothermal projects from small to large.

Use free geothermal heat not only to heat your building, but also to cool it. Operating costs are minimal, the energy generated is environmentally friendly and - in some areas - eligible for government grants.

Spanning properties ranging from schools and college campuses to hospitals and office building to municipal buildings and military bases - Greensleeves will heat and cool whatever you require.

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